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K Vinod Cartic


I have been a Gold Medalist in my B.Tech ( Chem. Engg.) from IIT Madras and a Gold Medalist in my MBA from SSSIHL. I am a serial entrepreneur involved in founding/ co-founding various organizations like Sai Krushna Charitable Trust and SpouseUp. I have also had the opportunity to train and consult for some of the world’s most reputed organizations like Hitachi Ltd, Mitsubishi Ltd, Frost & Sullivan, McKinsey, Unilever and Mordor Intelligence to name a few.

The key skills I bring to the table are Math and financial modeling, Visioning, Leadership, Business planning, Market research, Business model analysis, and Strategy consulting.

I am a passionate trainer. To me every training session is a mutual learning experience that enriches me. I’ve received some amazing feedback from my trainees which further catalyzes my belief that training is what I was born to do!

Mr Vinod Cartic, from Catalyst Trust, has provided free upskilling programmes to select individuals of the F&S GIL University between Oct 2015- Oct 2017 on Market Research, Financial modeling and Basic & Advanced Finance. I along with my colleagues at Frost & Sullivan deeply appreciate his strong contribution in his training and consulting projects.


- Mr Subbu Bettadapura,

Senior Director, Frost & Sullivan GIC Malaysia Sdn Bhd

As Advisor & Mentor to Mordor Intelligence, Vinod Cartic has been instrumental in re-looking at the different processes and suggesting valuable improvements. He also helped launch the Mordor Institute for continuous training of employees. His dynamism and energy are contagious and helped Mordor significantly.

Mr Reddy O,

Managing Partner, Mordor Intelligence

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Vinod Cartic_2.jpg
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