Dr Lalita Pulavarti


I have twenty years of experience spanning social research, gender, international development and, Social Accountability and Transparency in Governance.  I have a PhD in Sociology from Northeastern University, Boston and a Master of Public Health (MPH) from Boston University, USA. In previous professional capacities, I have been a lead trainer in capacity building and knowledge transfer workshops in India, USA, Egypt, Kenya and Malawi; and, have worked on numerous projects within India and overseas that were funded by international funders such as DFID (UK), The World Bank and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Through 3H Catalyst , I see an exciting opportunity to use my education, skills and experience as a trainer to design and implement upskilling programs in India, especially for women students, whose innate potential can be unleashed for their own empowerment through access to high quality education and employment initiatives.

Ms. Lalita P has exceptional skills in information/data delivery, group engagement, time control, efficiency and effectiveness …. She is a highly experienced and passionate expert in her field, she is the right person in the right job.


- Hebatollah Abdel Hamid

 International Cooperation Specialist and Collaborator, 

IDSC, Government of Egypt

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