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3H Catalyst  for NGOs


Addressing a Critical Need: 

Helping NGOs Scale Up and Achieve their Core Objectives

Non Governmental Organisations are typically formed with important core social objectives to help bridge the gap in governmental developmental work. However, most NGOs globally face a range of issues and function sub optimally. Some of these challenges include: Lack of Funds, Absence of Strategic Planning, Poor Governance and Networking, Limited technical and organizational capacity, Inflexible/ unsustainable development Approaches, Grant Funding identification and Proposal writing.



Enable Smaller NGOs to attain their key objectives through strategic support




  • Provide consulting services to NGOs to create a positive impact on their core service offerings and enable more transparent, scalable and sustainable operations. 

  • We typically achieve this through a combination of strategic consulting and process recommendations or as implementation partners through sustained training programmes. The courses are designed in consultation with NGO experts and industry stalwarts.

  • We provide customized consulting and training solutions after conducting a detailed Need and Gap Analysis.


First Steps

We provide consultancy services ranging from NGO registration, Trust Deed/ MOA formulation, PAN card application, Securing 12A,80G permissions, FCRA prior permission and registration formalities and a host of other related services.

Capacity Building

Capacity building and training can help inculcate new relevant skills. NGOs can then more easily train staff and develop the necessary acumen within the organization to overcome obstacles in their social journey.

Expert Consultation

Access to qualified experts will inspire confidence in donors and contribute to the project’s success. NGOs will naturally become more efficient, streamlined and effective. Our network of experts with direct expertise in working for NGO’s and scaling up can be the perfect

Technology Adoption

Technology helps streamline many processed which can otherwise be very manual and time consuming. Our team of technology experts function as consultants to identify the best technology solutions at the most optimal price. We also provide training support on a host of these solutions.

Income Generation

Most NGO’s underutilize their assets while they can become sources of revenue. This also includes the underutilization of human resources who can be fruitfully motivated to achieve long terms sustainability of the NGO. We work as NGO partners to enable this opportunity identification and help build a viable roadmap to reach the target of sustainable income generation without relying on external entities.

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