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3H Catalyst  for Corporates


Addressing a Critical Need: New Skills & The Market Demand

"The future of jobs report, cognitive ability such as creativity, logical reasoning and problem sensitivity, will be required in jobs in 2025. More than 50% of jobs which require this ability do not require it today or only to a smaller extent. In about 30% of jobs demand for these skills is already high and is likely to remain so till 2030."-The World Economic Forum


The job market today looks at Social skills, Cognitive Abilities, Complex problem solving, System skills which form a part of the core skill requirements across industries. A large number of organizations are investing in reskilling of their existing employees, as the skill requirements are changing.  Keeping this is mind, it is important for the youth to develop the skills for the future.



Provide consulting services to Corporates and create a positive impact on all stakeholders through process improvements and training programmes.







  • We look at identifying the next gen skills and equipping organizational personnel with the resources to succeed in an every changing world

  • We look at honing leadership skills to enable a learning organization that not just manages change but causes and defines that transformation


Professional Effectiveness

First Time Manager – Key Functional Competencies

Conducting Effective Performance Appraisal

Finance Manangement

Finance Essentials – Module 1

Finance Essentials – Module 2

Finance Essentials – Module 3

Managerial Effectiveness

Honing Creativity in Workplace

Conducting Effective Performance Appraisal

Conducting Effective Supervision

Soft Skills

Conflict, Stress and Time Management

Assertive Skills

Selling & Negotiation Skills for Success


Ethics at Work – Manage through Moral Gray Areas

Identifying Next Growth Market – Cost Benefits

Other Modules

Finance for Non Finance Executives

Effective Financial Planning

Optimizing Capex & Improving Profitability

How Managers Read Annual Reports

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